Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Two nights ago Andras invited me to help play a practical joke on our mutual pal, Chris "Goose" Kirk. Goose has been my technical support for many months now, and I was happy to be of assistance. To find out what happened click here. The Olympian can't really do it justice but suffice to say that Goose's friend, Luke, spent at least one-hundred hours this last week, (while Goose was in L.A.), painstakingly wrapping just about everything Goose owned in aluminum-foil. I only spent two hours in that silvered, lunatic apartment, thankfully. This may slow down the process of me getting the computer that Goose promised me, as his place has become a museum of sorts and even Good Morning America wants to pay him a visit. That means his/my computer may stay wrapped for a couple weeks longer.

I finished grouting all the tile at CJ's, today, so I'm officially done with that job. The snow has been melting rapidly and flooding is expected. 319-JOE has been a champ-- he never got stuck once; his four-wheel drive abilities came in handy several times.

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