Friday, March 06, 2015

February 2015 Tour is complete!  

Wrap-up below.

      Terri Sadler's porch in OKC, 2/14  

  • Incredibly low fuel-prices throughout the country
  • Engine kept running strong in spite of a blown head gasket
  • Watching Super Bowl in Longmont, CO, with cousins
  • Radio conversation with Jimmy "America's Songwriter" Webb on The Radio8Ball Show minutes before my first show in Denver
  • Re-visiting awesome friends in Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, etc.
  • New friends! (Alabama, Tennessee, New Mexico, etc.)
  • Amanda Williams' 4-day Hillbilly Culture Songwriter Retreat in Monteagle, TN
  • Rapping with Rev. Camo Davi in Nashville
  • A Valentine's Day show gift from Terri Sadler, in OKC, of a carved heart with my daughter Stevie's named burned into it crafted by Camp Bosworth
  • Two "new" used pair of acquired quality footwear: Adidas sneakers and Redwing boots (thanks Rebeca!)
  • Swimming across the Rio Grande to kiss a rock on Mexico's shore while a pair of Mexican vaqueros swam their horses across to our side--a sublime moment without borders
  • Las Vegas, NV, mystery vacation: Oscars, Persian food, Latin radio, chihuahuas!
  • Soaking in desert hot springs in Texas, Nevada and Oregon
  • Mystical sauna experience in Vanessa Renwick's Dirt Bird 
  • No wrecks, illnesses, injuries, cancelled shows, lost or stolen items
  • Photo Credit: Jamie Harmon / Amurica
  • Reunion with Stevie in Missoula
  • Top-earning show and bottom-earning show were both in Oklahoma: OKC ($820) & Tulsa ($47)
  • I picked up only one hitch-hiker--this fellow:
  • "Rumi" (my 2003 Subaru) surpassed 222,222 miles during drive home
  • Divorce official, Feb. 4th.
  • The only inclement weather I encountered during the whole tour occurred while leaving Montana on January 31st and returning to Montana on March 2nd (both traffic-stopping blizzards)
  • My pillow case sales equaled my fuel costs . . . wow
  • Rumi quit running three days after tour ended
  • 6,650 miles driven
  • 15 shows in 15 towns
  • Average fuel price: $2.15 per gallon
  • $2,800 earned from door
  • $1,700 earned from merch (CDs, DVDs, pillow cases, zines)
  • Average income per show: $300
  • One-hundred-fifteen pillow cases sold at $5 each


EVERYONE who came out to see a show; everyone who took photos and videos to share on Facebook and Instagram; everyone who spread the word about the shows and brought friends, everyone who fed me, housed me, encouraged me; everyone who bought merchandise.  The Roxy Theater for hiring me back upon return.  Jack Metcalf for facilitating a last-minute pillow case silk-screen work party on the day before I departed.  Hana and my parents, Mary and Rob, for taking loving care of Stevie while I was gone.

I'd especially like to thank everyone who created shows for me at their houses, friends' houses, personal venues, or friends' venues.  Your generosity and enthusiasm made setting up this tour incredibly easy and it kept my time and finances solvent.  Not much could be more valuable to a nomadic troubadour like me than that.  You totally rock!  I love you!

Xo, Chris