Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My p.o. box from heaven
Smaller than a bread box, bigger than a cabbage
Every single day I get at least one package
From deejays on Ebay, emcees on Amazon
Everybody loves me, I'm bigger than Barry Bonds
And letters they send me--so friendly and funny
Why get a job when I can make so much money
Just walkin' to the post office, and turnin' the key
Triple-O-seven is the box to be . . ."
(Third verse from "PO Box 7")
Those of you familiar with my song "PO Box 7" might be interested to hear that, as of earlier this month, my once lucky post office box is now a 10" x 4" x 16" metal receptacle for dust. Unbelievably, Dunn Center's post office has been suspended!

Just when Dunn Center's dwindling population has triumphantly turned around due to an enormous oil boom, it has been decided that a post office probably isn't worth the cost and/or hassle to hold on to.

In sum, PO Box 7 is no more.

In other news, in spite of the raging blizzard outside my door, life is good!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hey San Francisco friends, Roll Out, Cowboy will be screening at the Sf IndieFest tonight at 9:30pm at Roxie Theater! It will show again on Wednesday at the same time and place.

It will also be screening today in Memphis, TN, at the Indie Memphis Film Festival at 2:00pm!

Click here for all upcoming (and past) screenings.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Photos from the day:

It's apple pickin' time on Killdeer Mountain! Neighbors, John & Alice Dvirnak, invited Mom, Dad, Hana, and me to have as many apples as we wanted from their orchard.

Mom & Dad returning from the apple hunt.

a) b)
A) Colorful cups that Hana found at a yard sale for 25-cents each.
B) Another recent paint-job: the kitchen floor of our Dunn Center house.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

North Dakota's pelicans have been migrating south this week. Thousands have been passing over both the Killdeer Mountain and my Dunn Center house. Legions of large dragonflies appear to also be vamoosing southerly. They were followed a day later by clouds of fat ravens. All the bats are gone.

I've been hearing the bugles of elk lately and see their droppings around. Yesterday morning I came across a bevy of sharp-tailed grouse and some partridges. I've never seen them up here on the mountain before.

By the way, Hana and I--mostly she, while I was trucking--repainted the bunkhouse, cabin, and barn red two weeks ago!! Took us seventy-eight hours.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Congrats to Alice Camel Van Gunten and J.J. Tanner who were just named 2010 Ronan High School Homecoming Queen & King!

I graduated from Ronan High in 1989. I took Alice's pretty cousin, Leslie, to our junior prom in '88. She ditched me half way through for Tony Stasso and his shiny black Camaro. I wonder what the heck Tony's up to now . . .