Sunday, January 25, 2004

Chad, Trisha, and I just returned from the Portland gig which went really well! We scored a silent-film at the Guild Theater which was reviewed in the Portland Mercury. They write: "The evening's highlight will undoubtedly come from The Red Stallion's Revenge, scored by Sandman, the Rappin' Cowboy. It's an old-timey country tale of revenge and death, the frontier, and most importantly: an epic grudge match between a pony and a grizzly bear! In an unbelievable sequence of violent choreography, the two beasts duke it out in the woods." It was a near disaster, though, as I realized, seconds before my singing part began that I'd forgotten to plug my guitar in. Somehow, Trisha and Chad kept it going until I found the cord, plugged in, and started the lyrics at the very last moment. Sleater-Kinney scored the same film last year.

Now I'm off to the Thurston County Presidential Candidate's Forum at the Eagle's Club Ballroom, where reps from the campaigns of Wesley Clark, Howard Dean, John Kerry, and Dennis Kucinich will address the state of the environment, healthcare, the war in Iraq, and education. At 7:15 Chad and I will perform four songs to the audience.

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