Thursday, January 15, 2004

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday! Tell your radio stations to play my song-- "Folk Legend (MLK)" off The Long Ride Home. I wish Dr. King was alive and President. That would be dreamy.

Today was a fine, happy day spent shoving tree-limbs into an auto-feed tree-eater. I got to chainsaw a bit, too, which made me feel rugged and raw. I love the smell of chainsaw oil; smells like Christmas to me. Now I have fir-tar all over my forearms.

My friend, Elle, responded to a question I posed last week: "What is a rapping cowboy?!"

Her answer was this: "It is a rappin' cowboy's (or cowgirl's) job to make the world a friendlier place for everyone to look inside themselves and find that they are something or someone no one else has ever heard of before, (truly isn't this all of us!), and to provide us with foot-stompin', pelvis-grindin', heart-breakin' music while doing it."

Thank you, Elle.

I leave you with a verse from Willie Nelson's new song "Whatever Happened to Peace on Earth?":

"Don't confuse caring for weakness,
You can't put that label on me.
The truth is my weapon of mass protection,
And I believe truth sets you free."

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