Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Here are the lyrics to the song that Trisha and I wrote for the Decomposer Film Fest which takes place in Portland on Saturday. We score a seven-minute film called The Red Stallion's Revenge:

Death of a Red Mare

Little bear, crazy bear
Running up the mountain-side
You're lonely now, lonelier
Than anyone, anywhere.

Hungry bear without a home
Without someone to call your own
You're angry that you're still alone
A stranger still with time to kill
The honey's gone.

Yes life is sweet and then it's done
You'd better push yourself along
Silly bear... crazy little bear.

Little horse, pretty horse
Newly born before the dawn
Your mama's gone, the timing's wrong
You'll stay asleep until she comes.

Little colt with auburn hair
You don't see her anywhere
All the fear you feel inside
Are just some tears you've had to hide.

--you've had to hide.

The morning sun is in your eyes
On wobbly legs you're forced to fight
Little horse... pretty, little horse.

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