Thursday, January 01, 2004

Hello 2004!!! I'm glad to see you. May we stumble upon infinite doses of happiness, health and love starting today. Throw in a dash of peace for good measure, a pinch of pleasure, and a little buried treasure and this could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship...

Last night saw the unpolished theatrical debut of Slippery Goodstuff. Blandow (aka Jonah Carpenter) deejayed and Scream Club cameoed. Although we had minimal practice time, I was pleased with how it all turned out and the crowd loved it, mostly. I dressed in the sleezy red outfit and it felt ceremonious to be right there on the front-stage of the Capitol Theater in front of all these dressed-up Olympia bohemians on the eve of a pregnant year.

My promise this go-'round is to enjoy my selves. Audiences must be sandblasted in the wickedest fashion and the graffiti-inspired hobbit-ninjas will come out of the woodwork and spank some serious booty. The orks will be sent back to Britain/Spain and my little car, 319-JOE, will tour this great and mighty nation once again-- unafraid of the naughty warlords who know not the rebellions and the hellions that we (alas) have helped create. Thy will be done.

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