Sunday, March 04, 2018

Tumbleweeds . . .

Tumbleeds are blowin' through my website these days. It's like I've devoloped an intolerance to opening up my MacBook, let alone to blogging and promoting shows. My ego's ravaged carcass lies rotting on the lone prairie.

Nevertheless, I'm still doing my thing. Here's a glimpse of a unique gig from a few months back at Burgdorf Hot Springs. My pal Miranda Laber recorded me here singing "Bull":

December 30th I hosted a dynamic multi-media hootenanny which featured many Missoula buddies:


Two weeks ago I played for almost three hours at the Beer Parlor Barber Shop in Hot Springs, MT, to a hoppin', howlin' crowd on the Chinese New Year. Believe it or not, they take this holiday very seriously in Hot Springs and even have a exuberant parade featuring a dragon!

Hot Springs, MT, Chinese New Year Parade
Tonight (March 4th) I'll be singing as part of a Roxy Theater fundraiser / 76th birthday celebration for my friend Bonnie Tarses at The Roxy @ 9:30pm. Come at 7pm to watch GALAXY QUEST!

I'll be playing another Roxy Theater show on March 18th with Mirah, La Louma & Hermina Jean! Here's the Facebook event page for that:

As seen at Five On Black in downtown Missoula, USA.