Tuesday, January 20, 2004

I prepped and primed a couple offices today at the Westside Wellness Center. I'll paint tomorrow.

Here's the CrimethInc. update: three songs will be deleted ("Modern Man", "Go Easy on Me Boss [My Heart is Breakin']", and "Goner"). The rest will be rearranged and sold as The Long Walk Home for $6 mail-order from CrimethInc.com. All new songs may go towards a new album. This way I don't have to hassle with re-mastering and re-recording.

Some of you have written me letters requesting certain changes, but I'm going to stick with what I've got. The strongest reactions seem to be about the laughter on "Ol' King Kong"... The reason I'm keeping it is because it reflects the nervousness I felt while singing about 9/11/01. I think the whole nation still feels freaked out about that incident and/or the clamp down of free speech directly afterwards. I'm not trying to be callous or self-indulgent, even though the first verse might have you think so; I'm trying to convey that I'm an average American schmuck who truly cannot believe what is happening before my eyes!! My mundane paradigm, full of addictions and apathy, has suddenly shifted and now I'm actually terrified. The nervous laugh came from choking on a dry muffin as well as singing about this incident so shortly after the collapse of the World Trade Centers. We recorded it in December of 2001. But the song is really just a small piece in the puzzle. The final song, "MLK (Folk Legend)", has the last and best word.

By mid-February CrimethInc. will press the first 1,000 copies which means I'll have them for my odyssey down the coast with Chad.

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