Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My next four shows:

Feb. 19 - Lubbock, TX.  Click HERE for show details!

Feb. 20 - Albuquerque, NM.  Click HERE for show details!

Feb. 21 - Las Vegas, NV.  Click HERE for show details!

Feb. 26 - Portland, OR.  Click HERE for show details!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I am a highwayman . . .

Tour is under way and goin' swell.  Denver and Grassy, Alabama, packed 'em in.  Tulsa only had about 8 or 9 in attendance, but I had fun.  I'm in Nashville now staying with my long-time brother Mr. Camo "The Human Beatbox" Davi.  I'm hoping he'll add vocal percussion to some of my raps at tomorrow's private show in East Nashville tomorrow night.  (Email me at if you want to attend.)

This last weekend was spent in Monteagle, TN, at Amanda Williams' brilliant songwriter retreat.  I've known Amanda since she was a spunky teenager.  It's very inspiring to me that she's now a burgeoning Nashville hit-maker and songwriting teacher.  Garth Brooks just co-wrote a sly, sexy song with her for his latest album (which has already gone platinum), MAN AGAINST MACHINE called "She's Tired of Boys."

Speaking of hit songwriters, I had the good fortune to speak with "America's Songwriter," Jimmy Webb, on the radio last week.  I'd called during Andras Jones' Radio8Ball show to ask Mr. Webb a question which was--in typical Radio8Ball fashion--answered by a random selection of one of Webb's compositions.  As fate would have it, the chosen track was Giles O'Dell's rendering of "Highway Man" which I feature on  my 2006 indie rap record  RETURN TO THE BLACK HOLE OF OUTERSPACE.  I sing Waylon Jennings' part, Giles sings Kris Kristofferson's part, Andras sings Willie Nelson's part, and Calvin Johnson sings Johnny Cash's part.  Webb spoke of the genesis of "Highway Man" and, after that, Andras, Jimmy and I tried to tease out the answer to my question, which was: "If 2014 was the year of the break-up, what will 2015 be?"

You may hear the complete podcast here--it's a very good listen:  (What you won't hear in this clip, however, is some edited-out yip yap at the end where he says:  "Hey man, I'm gonna catch up with you . . . I'm gonna follow you." I hope he does.)

I had lunch with another noteworthy songwriter today--Jonny Fritz.  Tomorrow he joins Nikki Lane for a northern midwest tour.

As for me, it's "westward ho" on Friday the 13th when I drive to Memphis for a performance at Amurica, then Valentine's Day in Oklahoma City, Dallas the day after that, and on and on until I reach the coast . . .