Friday, April 17, 2015

Height Zone World Ep. 37 - Sandman the Rappin' Cowboy

Hey y'all.  I made some new friends from the hip-hop world last week when this group of inspirational fellas passed through Missoula on their Rap Round Robin Tour.

1. Dan Keech AKA  Height - Baltimore
2. Eze Jackson - Baltimore
3. Blaksmith (Brent Smith) & Mister (Bryan Lackner) who compose the group Passalacqua - Detroit

After the show we went to The Ox for burgers and then to The Roxy for a midnight viewing of 12 O' Clock Boys.  After the movie Height interviewed me which resulted in the podcast you'll find below.  His website features fantastic videos, songs and past podcasts.  Dude is a gifted musician, great interviewer and all-around mensch.