Thursday, January 22, 2004

Still busy. This morning my soon-to-be-official promoter/booker, Andras Jones, and I dissected a couple management contracts in order to find a deal that works for us both. Next week we'll probably hire a lawyer to scrutinize the finer points and then, if all goes well, I'll have my first, for lack of a better word, manager. Or perhaps Sandmanager. Or maybe Motor-booker (promoter/booker). I don't what to call it. Basically neither of us like the word "manager". I'm my own manager, really. Andras will be more of a counselor and agent... a musician's friend so to speak... a guiding light and, er, a loyal helping hand... a wizened confidante who gets paid appropriately for thus duties. You get the point. Now I must go paint another office space.

By the way, does anybody know how to get rid of dandruff? My anti-dry-scalp shampoo seems to be making it all worse. Even my eyebrows now have dandruff!!

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