Friday, November 29, 2019

I'm very grateful to The Roxy Theater and the local Missoula community who come out to enjoy good movies, good comedy, & good triple-organic popcorn*. I've been employed at The Roxy for almost seven years, and constantly feel lucky to work here. In 2020 we're expanding into a small building next door so we can install a 4th screen PLUS a new concessions stand. There is a rumor that under the carpet there is an old hardwood floor which, if this is true, will be revealed soon.

Please check out this minute-long fundraising video created by Roxy's Director, and my good friend, Mike Steinberg. My other pal, Ken Grinde, helped. It's of an old-school-style rap I wrote called "Roxy Delight," featuring me and Mr. Anthony Brown--sort of a cross between Sugar Hill Gang, Fat Boys, and RUN-DMC. Fressssshhhh!

*Triple-organic = organic kernels, organic safflower oil, & organic butter served in a stainless steel bowl with a dash of hand-harvested Celtic sea salt. Gourmet!

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

I’m THRILLED to be part of this upcoming event at Zootown Arts Community Center for many reasons: 1) It’s being organized by the brilliant Montana Area Music Association who are helping create a vibrant new music scene across Big Sky Country, 2) It’ll be my first time performing at the new ZACC, and their music venue is rockin', 3) It’ll be my debut playing as a trio with talented, dynamic pals Ian Smith & Grace McNamee Decker on fiddle, 4) I’ll get to hear JUNIOR for the first time live, 5) Two other top-notch local bands will be unveiled—The Vintage and MissAlaneous & The Caravan Band! Come early, it might sell out. And don’t forget to bring your mamas! 

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