Monday, April 30, 2012

Greetings from the community of Bed-Stuy, borough of Brooklyn, city of New York.  I'm at my friend Harreld's apartment digesting a buffet lunch of Jamaican food.

My last few days went something like this . . .

Last Tuesday's Missoula show--my new band's first show--went well and was a lot of fun.  Two other performers, Calvin and Evan from the Hive Dwellers, stayed with Hana and me that night.

The next morning Hana, Stevie, and I headed for Seattle.  We took lots of pictures (coming soon!) to document Stevie's first major road trip.  We stayed overnight with our friend Michael, who drove me to the airport early the next day for a flight to Chicago.

From O'Hare Airport I took a train downtown to my pal Tony Roger's office/recording studio, which is located in a Chicago skyscraper that's also headquarters to a multitude of major corporations.  Tony and I recorded a song together (he sang, I rapped) for a fundraising video for Septembeard.  We performed the song, "With a Beard," later that night when I opened a show for Tony's twelved-piece band at The Hideout, "Chicago's Most Loved Small Venue."  Super fun night, great turnout--Tony and the band rocked, and I cleared $250 in merch sales. 

Roll Out, Cowboy influenced artwork lined the walls.
Early the next morning I was Brooklyn-bound for the big Roll Out Cowboy DVD release party.  From JFK Airport I took a bus to Harreld's pad.  The next day, before the party, I took a side trip to the Manhattan Detention Complex (aka "The Tombs") to visit my unlucky old comrade, Damian.  After getting mocked by prison personnel about my cowboy hatbox and going through security rigamarole, I was allowed into the visiting area.  I hadn't seen Damian for three years and was sad to see that months of jail time have taken the sparkle out of his eyes.  In spite of the toxic setting, it was good to see him.  Now he heads to Reiker's Island for an extended stay.  Ugh.

Order yours here: ROC DVD!
That night I was back in Brooklyn to join the Roll Out, Cowboy crew for the big party.  The theater was so packed that people had to be turned away.  The movie was well received, and my live show afterwards was a blast, with lots of audience interaction.  Thanks to all my friends who showed up to join the celebration!

After the party, my buddy Nathan and his girlfriend Erica treated Harreld and me to a gourmet nightcap.  I crashed at their place that night.  In the morning, Nathan and I went to the Williamsburg Flea Market, where Erica was selling her stunning handmade jewelry.  We all got pleasantly sunburned in the dust and spectacle of hipcat utopia.  At day's end, Harreld came to get me and we walked back to his place.  I've been livin' good.

And the Roll Out, Cowboy Special Edition DVDs are now for sale online!  This has been a looong time coming, so if you'd like to buy one, click here:  These copies feature much extra footage and a Director's commentary.  Recommended!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

This Tuesday!!!!  In Missoula!!!!!  At Zoo City Apparel!!!!!  With my favorite band: Hive Dwellers!!!
Props to Anneke Ayers who made the bad-ass show flyer!

I'll be fronting my new joint, Chris Sand and the North Americans.  Arif Memovic on accordion and banjolele and Alex Nash on drums and banjo.  Me on guitar.  Bring your camcorders, it's gonna be weird!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

After twelve days on the road, I'm home!  
Missoula, MT.
Home is where the heart is.  No doubt.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

From the cab of a white Kenworth semi, I watched a giant orange, oblong moon rise over the eastern Montana horizon this morning. Its size and shape caught me off guard--it looked like a swollen
star from some 70's sci-fi movie.

After spending the last five days helping deliver live fish to Toronto and Calgary via Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Montana, etc., I touched down this morning back in Killdeer, ND. Had just enough time for Easter dinner with Mom, Pops, and Grandma.  In thirty minutes I do the same drive again. Ten thousand miles in about ten days.

This is my creative way of paying bills--short spurts of long pay.   It's how I avoid the 9-to-5.

I sure miss Hana and Stevie, though. I can geek out staring at cell-phone pics of my daughter for minutes at a time. Stevie is, undoubtedly, the most fascinating, magical little gal on the planet. I'll never be able to endure steady long-haul driving again. Just now and then. Just now and then.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Half-way to North Dakota. Mom and I stayed with Earl & Susan last night.

Here's Earl reading one of his poems.
Breakfast is now. I think I can smell Susan's fresh-baked coffee cake.