Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Getting to a computer has been killing me. The snow shut down Evergreen today and yesterday Blogger was out of commission. It's very snowy and beautiful here in Olympia; perhaps six inches have fallen in the last couple of days. Children are building igloos and stuff.

I've been working for my old landlord, C.J., this week, who pays me around $12/hr. for tiling his floor along with other miscellaneous projects. It's not the cheeriest work, but better than nothing and it doesn't hurt my hernia.

I've started setting up my Feb./March tour of the West Coast so if anyone has any ideas for me, drop a line.

On a very sad note, two of my relatives went into comas last week and one of them, my beautiful "aunt" Toni, passed away on Sunday. She had breast cancer. She's from Spokane, WA, and was only fifty-something. My mom's first-cousin, Don, is still holding on in a Helena, Montana hospital. Both Toni and Don were/are very kind people and I will miss them a lot-- especially Toni as I lived with her for a couple months when I was without money one Winter and got to know how angelic she was. May Heaven's spirits accept her as their own. R.I.P.

Not all is sadness, though; a local, anarchist group called CrimethInc. will be putting out an amended version of my April '03 release, The Long Ride Home. I'll subtract two or three songs and add a couple better ones and change the artwork. In fact, the jewel-cases will disappear in favor of hand-printed cardboard sleeves. This way they can afford to sell them for $6 each via their mail-order operation and save plastic, too. They might also include my little 10-page zine, "You Can Do Anything", which they'd reformat to fit inside the sleeve. CrimethInc. has very radical views, but then so do I. I thInc. we'll make a good match. ( ; They've also offered to fund my next "folk" album. (Slippery Goodstuff is too "white-boy-rap" for their tastes at the present time.) In the past they've only released hardcore-anarchist-punk music, so my folk-cd is to be a grand experiment and, of course, I'm honored to be the guinea pig.

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