Thursday, January 29, 2004

I appreciate the emails that poured in with offers to cook me a good, meaty meal next time I pass through your town. I'll take you up on it. I think that my drummer, Chad, is a vegetarian though which means I'll be eating his portion, too. He can have my potatos if his run out. We'll chop wood for you in the morning and feed the llamas to show our appreciation.

Today Trisha will be helping me silk-screen a couple hundred t-shirts to sell on tour. She created a new shirt-design of me flexing my biceps. She definitely didn't exaggerate the circumference of my arm; in fact it looks quite atrophied. I guess that will be my Rock & Roll trademark. Barbara Streisand has the long nose, Henry Rollins has the unibrow, Peaches has the gapped teeth, Seal has the acne scars, and Sandman is a bow-legged stick-figure with mutton-chops and a cowboy hat... and gold necklace.

Did I mention that it's raining? The droplets are as big as grapes!

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