Friday, July 24, 2009

Three freaky, close-to-home occurrences recently happened in quick succession that make me wonder if a hellhound might not be on my trail:

1. Lightning struck a tree in the backyard of where I was staying and shredded it like raw chicken. It also traumatized two dogs and destroyed the house's wireless router.

2. While driving south from Tacoma on the I-5, a wheel off the big rig in front of me zinged off its axle and zanged downhill at 80 mph, across four lanes of traffic. It broke off a highway sign in the median as it went and barely avoided causing multiple wrecks. The last thing I saw of this satanic tire was when it hit the northbound's outside guard rail and popped fifty feet into the sky over some trees and into the void.

3. Dickinson, ND, the nearest sizable town to where I live, got hammered by a tornado on July 8th. Damage is estimated at $20 million. To see a YouTube video of the twister's aftermath (featuring an odd Michael Jackson soundtrack) click here.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm still in Washington state. I play my last gig here tomorrow night in Bremerton. Here's an article that came out today in the North Kitsap Herald to promote the show.

Next week I drive west to Ronan, MT, for my 20-year high school reunion!

Though I miss North Dakota terribly, I've been having a relaxing time here swimming, recording, visiting, and eating.

My new black hat--the one I bought in Dallas last February--was used in a photo shoot last week. See it here. I don't know who the model is. The photographer is Scott Areman. He wants to do a photo shoot with me on Saturday. I'll post a pic then.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Northwest Tour is goin' well: Portland, Seattle, and Tacoma were all fun. Here's an article:

Concrete, WA, tonight!

Friday, July 03, 2009

Today is almost over, which is good, 'cause today was gnarly.

My fully packed warrior-Subaru "Pearl Drop" could not take me the 700 miles across Montana to celebrate Independence Day with my Herak/Sullivan relatives. In fact, she barely made it the 45 miles to Dickinson to visit a mechanic. After a six-hour wait, she was diagnosed as "not worth saving." I will sadly have to skip the Montana family reunion and begin my search for a new vehicle.

At least it happened close to home and not somewhere near Terry or Rosebud.

Dad was my hero today, a common occurrence. This time he spent 10 hours chauffeuring me to car lots to look for something decent for under $1500, but no luck.

On the bright side, juneberries on the Mountain are getting fat and ripe. After 10 years of poor crops, this year looks like a winner.