Saturday, April 02, 2005

Yesterday's letter from Dad:

Hi Son,

I look forward to hearing how you are and what you have been up to. I was at the mountain today. Trees are budding and cotton is formed on aspen. Well water is up high in our well and Uncle Chris' has water. I picked up a load of juniper posts that Jack Kukla gave me.

Love, Dad
North Dakota beckons, and it's looking very good that I'll get that museum curator job. What a life change this might be. I'll be near my parents and grandparents on a daily basis, ride horses regularly, and build my own little cabin. Then again, I might freak out and move straight back to Oly, or St. Paul, or Brooklyn, or L.A. Wish me luck, either way.
Last night I hitched up to Seattle to hang with my friend Heidi Love. I stayed over so as to spend today with her and my other friends, Kerry and Reva. Reva now has a four-month-old daughter named Shalom. All five of us spent the day at the Woodland Park Zoo. I haven't been to a zoo in fifteen years and was astonished at the heighth of giraffes, the bulbousness of the male orangutan face, the vivid coloring of certain birds, the echo-chamber growl of lions. Even though I've seen plenty of pictures and films of all of these animals, to see them eye-to-eye is revelatory. Heidi got us in for free since she works there. She's a primatologist and it was wild to witness apes communicating with her through the glass.

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Anonymous said...

say it isn't so. Is it possible we won't have the pleasure of your personage in Anacortes in the near future? Wasn't able to make it to the college last week...had I curator? Huh. Hope you'll be back, but wish you good luck and all the best. Love you and your music.