Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Hi Winona,

Please come see me play a show or two on Saturday:

April 16th, Saturday- Winona, MN @ Green Lantern Coffeehouse. Two shows: 7PM & 10PM. $5.

I'll have pillow cases, sleep masks, western button snap long sleeved fancy shirts, and lots of cds. Let's haggle over the prices and turn the Green Lantern into a thrift store galore. Bring lots of money.

$and Pan
Yes, $and Pan is preparing his emergence. $and Pan may prove even more controversial than Slippery Goodstuff. He's just as harmless, though. I'm testing a theory that most people are more freaked out by money (or at least the threat of losing it) than sex. $and Pan represents capitalism unmasked, which, in my opinion acts as an antidote for its harmful side effects. Hair of the dog that bit you, etc.

I'm looking forward to my eventual 3rd and 4th characters to explore--Reno Lonegambler and Frank Folkenstein, neither whom is very controversial. Especially Frank who's nothing but sweet.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i love schizophrenia too, and so do i.
congrats on the curator job. i love the cure.
expect a winona serenade...a hillbilly version of time-release tattoo, perhaps.
oh, and shenanigans was recited tues. night by a member of WSU's poetry group, Grub Street.
sprinkles of sand are already dotting the landscape here...one of the newspapers in town printed a blurb about you 12hrs after receiving it.
expect the red carpet...