Monday, April 04, 2005

The pope was alright. Here's an email from my mom:
As much as I disagreed with some of what John Paul II taught, I think he deserves respect for what he did well. I loved that he challenged both right and left to put love first, to make love the basis of decisions.

It's a strange and constricting world these men of power inhabit, whether in Rome or in Washington, but this man made a real effort to reach beyond the narrow confines of Vatican world with his message of Christian love. May Karol Wojtyla now rest in peace. And may the next pope see the situation of women even more clearly.
When I saw his Polish birth name--Karol Wojtyla--I understood what she meant. He was human after all. Here are a couple links if you want to read more about his papal legacy. 1) economics, 2) his intellect. Also, he was an enemy of the death penalty which is AWESOME!


Anonymous said...

Hello Chris,

I was wondering if you got the job in Dunn county and if this means we should expect to see you preforming in the area? Because that would be completely wonderful.

Amber-- Bismarck

Chris Sand said...

I won't know if I got it until the 10th of April. Wish me luck!