Monday, April 25, 2005

Drove to Dickinson today for a dental exam. Mom's getting her tax return and is feeling flush. I'm an odontophobe, but the young dentist madame was soothing and kind. I also bought some Rustler jeans and a pair of curator boots. New clothes are strange--I've always done the thrift store thing. I feel good in my new duds, though, since they represent change.

Dad's left side of his body is semi-paralyzed today. Mom wondered if it's a mild stroke but Dad said no. He's got a sort of cowboy prejudice against stretching. Or rather he's just too sore to stretch. That's how I feel, too, though I know how pathetic it sounds. Yoga sensibility has yet to catch fire in rural North Dakota. It's a sort of autophobia (fear of self).

Everyone fears something. Coulrophobes fear clowns. Staurophobes fear crucifixes. Leprophobes fear leprosy. Christ was probably not one of these, but I wonder if he's a staurophobe.

Kymophobia has probably gotten a lot of play this year: fear of waves.

Here's an odd one... zemmiphobia: fear of the great mole rat. Check the dictionary! See also, Sesquipedalophobia- fear of long words.


Anonymous said...

man, I was walking along the rocks at the edge of the Atlantic today, and the waves were crashing and bashing and as I couldn't get it out of my head I sang "Shell-shocked Man" as loud as I could into the wind.

cripes--change is good, but I hope you don't ever stop making music, Sandman.

Chris Sand said...

no worries there, mate. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Yea i would say christ may have had a fear of crosses.

Anonymous said...

not to freak you out but the same thing happened to my dad at the first of the year. it came and went and then came to stay... they told him it was a stroke. two months later he was dead from a brain tumor. my mom died from a brain tumor, too... tricky things they are... keep an eye on your pops.

Chris Sand said...

anon 3- I'll keep an eye on him. Thanks for your concern.

Condolences to you and your family.