Sunday, April 24, 2005

Strange weather patterns: Yesterday was smuggy. Today there is more humility.

Peanut bucked me off again. This time I didn't land flat on my back on icy ground, though. I did the tuck-and-roll onto soft meadow grass. It felt okay. He tried to lose me again, but I clamped down and hung on. I'm a crappy horseman, definitely. Gramps, Pops, and I trimmed all the horses' hooves and then rode. Grandpa, after dismounting, declared, "I wish I could walk as good as I can ride." It's true, though. His 85-yr-old legs aren't as sturdy as they used to be. He's been on horses since before he could probably talk.

By the way, he and Grandma have officially moved back to the Killdeer Mountain cabin. All the drifts have melted and pipes are thawed.

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