Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Today was spent recording (with Shawn "Nerviz" Parke as producer) a few more songs for Love's Hangover Sale II. Jen and I redid "Johnson," "Ol' Highway 90," and finally got a decent take of "Ballad of a Salad" and "It's Good to be Awake When She Arrives." With Chad on drums I also redid "Storage Unit 209," and while we were at it we recorded "This Time," and "Death of a Red Mare." Trisha plays guitar and sings on "Death of a Red Mare." She also co-wrote it. In an hour I'll try to re-record a few more.

(Three hours later...) I just redid "Jack Potter's Courtin'," and "Friendster Testimonial." Then for the heck of it I took a shot at documenting "Addie Paul." Tomorrow we'll do the mixing.


Anonymous said...

Dude, I am so glad you're recording "Death of a red mare" and "It's good to be awake when she arrives.

-Lynn V.

Chris Sand said...

Yeah, me too! It's fixin' to be a sweet album...

p.s. I'll be in Minneapolis next week for a show on the 13th at Normandale College.

Anonymous said...

yeah, these are some of my favorite songs too. songs that i wondered about, "i wonder what'll happen to that fair little number?"
the lullaby of "it's good to be awake..." and the tom petty-ness of "this time". without bootlegs, these songs will only be memories. i mean, would've been. i'm not sure what else is on there...wasn't it kind've released already. are you just adding to it?

ohmygod--i see your racket!
this is like that pink floyd BS...great band, great songs...for a band that doesn't even exist. just getting repackaged and remastered and crap like that. sandman...do you exist?
or are you a commercial-minded fraud?

but i'm a sucker.
i'll take a copy.

look forward to seeing you in the MW.

L.S. Supertramp

Anonymous said...

Minneapolis? I'll tell my friends in MN, but unfortunately I won't be there--I'm still in Maine.