Friday, April 15, 2005

Howdy from the Minneapple! I have many stories to tell, but probably will get called away from this computer too soon to relay them. Three nights ago, I drove my awesome car, 319 JOE, 100 miles to Stanley, ND where I grabbed an armful of Amtrak headed east. The next morning Jack Norton picked me up and drove me straight to Normandale College where I played a lunch-time show. It was my second show there this year. The entertainment programmer apparently got a lot of calls after my first show asking when I'd be back. The Somali students, in particular, liked me. This show was not as good though because most of the Somalians weren't there. Afterwards I rented a $75 dollar car and drove three hours to Duluth where I played a 30-minute feature set at an open mic for $25. Again, people weren't feeling it or something because I couldn't sell a cd. This sent me into a depression spiral where I began to wonder if God was telling me that I was washed up and had better take my curator job and call my "senator of rock and roll" job quits. It seemed poetic that this was happening in Duluth--Bob Dylan's birth place. After all, Dylan has always represented to me the highest pinnacle of what-I-admire. He's been my "buddha in the road" and I've never been able to imagine surpassing his excellence. I'm still sort of reeling from feelings and questioning myself about EVERYTHING. To think about starting my curator job next week is frightening...and thrilling. Death spasms I guess, which means new life is pushing upwards. The future seems daunting and mysterious. A rebirth is transpiring. (To be continued)


Anonymous said...

naww, you just caught "it" at the wrong time. everyone loves you and your songs...except those who are jealous.
or those that are sharing an open-mic.
--for real, yo--
well, i wasn't there. i'm not sure.
but you're probably looking into it fartoofar. even your worst, worst, possible show is worth something...blah blah.

(i'm so done trying to type..esp. telling folks how/why you should see a sandman show)

even if the/these shows really sucked,
it really should've been fulfilling
for them poor saps. better than
anything else. really.

i think it's just chance.
legit odds.

Anonymous said...

See yourself surrounded by the conditions that will provide your success.

Anonymous said...

How do I manifest the best of what I got?
It comes down to the patterns of speech and thought
Repetition like I’m tilling the earth
Sowing emotion in flows for what it’s worth
I forge keys from golden summer sunlight
get your spirit rolling when it’s done right
Holy shit, now you’re cooking with gas
Leave your self doubts way in the past
Play with the blast –- you’ve earned and deserve it
Mind-blowin’ like the whole sphere of the earth is
Get it -- you got it -- envision you’re living your dream
Come up – become what your mind’s eye has seen
How you gonna FEEL when it finally becomes real?
You’ve got the spine and the mind to seal the deal


Anonymous said...

sand man; how goes it? im the drummer from duluth who couldn't really aford the 10 dollar c.d so you were generous enough to give it to me for 5. i really appreciated that. anyways, i really liked the c.d haven't stopped listening to it. its really hard for alot of people to have a sence of humor when they write songs. but you do it very well. and to have humorous songs and honest songs i feel is a very unique approach. the man of sand i wish you the best of luck..keep trucking man.