Saturday, April 09, 2005

Greetings from Killdeer. Man, I'm tired. Last night I rode Greyhound across Montana and didn't sleep a wink. I was wrapped up in Greil Marcus' new book Like a Rolling Stone: Bob Dylan at the Crossroads that my aunt Theresa bought for me in Missoula yesterday. The book analyzes every friggin' aspect of Dylan's song "Like a Rolling Stone" to support Marcus' theory that it's the greatest rock and roll song of all time. Fair might as well be. If anyone would like to give their opinion of the greatest rock song of all time, please do so under "comments." I'm curious. Myself, I might be tempted to vote for a few early Prince songs. Or a couple from Michael Jackson's Off the Wall sessions. Or "Radio" or "Mama Said Knock You Out" by LL Cool J. Or Grandmaster Flash/Melle Mel's "The Message." Or "Hard Times" by Run-DMC. Or "Chaka Khan." Or Dylan's own "Visions of Johanna" or "Ballad of a Thin Man." Someone stop me before I dip into Joni Mitchell, Led Zeppelin, James Brown, Patti Smith, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Jeff Buckley, Bob Marley, Bruce Springsteen, Smokey Robinson, Ani DiFranco, Elvis, Lauryn Hill, Beat Happening, Mos Def, Fleetwood Mac, Chuck Berry, Eminem, and on 'n' on. I am a junkie for this isht. It's all so goooood. Does Hank Williams count? Dolly Parton? Louis Jordan? Shakespeare? Shiva?

I got off track. So to catch you up--I left Olympia two days ago. My friend Teresa (not to be confused with my Aunt Theresa in Missoula) drove me to Bellevue where I caught a ride with a woman named Casey. We left Seattle at 5:00 p.m. in her black SUV and arrived in Missoula a little past midnight where I unloaded all my boxes into my aunt and uncle's garage. The next day I opted to take the bus east rather than hitch-hike, due to, amongst other things, rain. Fourteen hours later (at 6:30 this morning) my dad picked me up in Dickinson and drove me home. I ate, showered, shaved and drove to Dunn Center for my 10:00 a.m. interview at the Dunn County Historical Museum. Though delirious I survived and it seems likely that the job will be mine if I can accept the sorta low pay--$8/hour. Fortunately, health insurance will be added on to that figure. If I get the job I want to see if they'll let me sleep in the old one room log cabin my grandpa built on the property. It has a stove and a straw mattress bed. But no electricity! I'll cook all my food in the same pot, on the stove, in the candle light, by myself, naked and stark raving mad! With mice and spiders.


Anonymous said...

i love sandman

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have his babies.

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Me too.