Sunday, March 13, 2005

Creativity has reached a boiling point. I'm starting to look forward to heading back to North Dakota just to get a breather. Tonight I put up my Baseball Card Art Show at a make-shift gallery. My short story Sand Pan! is on hold for the moment. The cd with Jen is still in the works. I just played two shows in Oregon. Madeline came along. The first was in Portland at Mississippi Studios with the incredible Hamell On Trial; the venue owner said it was the best show he'd ever had there. Then, last night I did a three-hour gig at the Voodoo Lounge in Astoria. The crowd was way into it, and I sold plenty of of merch. I heard a comment from someone who said he'd seen over a hundred shows there and that mine was possibly at the top. The two day journey was good for the ego and pocket book. Tomorrow morning I do a pancake breakfast here in Olympia.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, we here in astoria all really enjoyed the show. Hope to see you back around here soon, maybe I could serve you lunch again. I was sad to miss your show in portland that my friends caught, had to work:(. Good luck on all your endevores (sp?)
Catch ya later

Chris Sand said...

Thanks Miranda... I might revisit Astoria before I leave. I need another good lunch... I've heard you have sea lions.