Saturday, March 19, 2005

I spent two hours earlier today addressing envelopes for a company and got paid 25 cents per. I finished forty, and thus earned $5.00/hr. My friend Trisha finished twice as many in the same amount of time. We should of split the total profits in half (I'm kidding.)

Tonight was spent recording the final song for Love's Hangover Sale pt. two at Carl Dexter's studio. Chad plays drums, Jen harmonized and rocked cello, and Carl set down piano and electric guitar. It's another CLASSIC without a doubt! Carl's got the midas touch. The song is called "Nebraska." Tomorrow will be spent burning multiple copies of the new 12-song cd, and packaging it. Jen's mom, Lisa, made a bunch of cloth cd cases with the same drawing that Tae Won Yu did of the first Love's Hangover Sale, but with Jen drawn standing next to me in a skirt and flip flops. The drawing and song titles are inked into the cloth somehow.


Anonymous said...

When will Love's Hangover Sale, pt.2 and the cd you recorded with Jen be available?


Chris Sand said...

Hi Lynn,

The cds might be available today. Want one? $15 postage-paid... If so send your address to Send check to: Sand / 105 N. Sherman / Olympia, WA 98502.