Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Tomorrow I'll perform/speak in a college classroom in Shelton. I'll earn $100. I look forward to the questions the students ask; they've researched me.

By the way, the director of International A&R and Acquisitions Division of B.R. Entertainment Complex, Inc, Louis Vozza,. out of Fairfield, NJ wrote me a letter complimenting "Scapegoat Song" which he got a copy of. He writes: "Our initial plan calls for the master audio/visual production of one song, with the goal of eventually procuring an album deal from a record label/publisher, and/or third party distribution company, or any endeavor that furthers your musical career." The catch is that I'd pay half the expenses--"$3,000-$4,000." Whatever, Mr. Vozza. I can't even pay my monthly minimum credit card fee anymore.

The warm weather continues to astonish me.

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Anonymous said...

I have today also received an offer from MrVozza to produce one of my songs if I pay half the recording fees,so may cost will be $4000 !!
And they would have 50% of any royalties...terrible deal !!