Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Hey from San Fran! It's raining hard and windy. I'm positioned inside a fourth-floor apartment that overlooks the Mission District. Apparently a tornado recently touched down within the city limits. Hmm.

 I'm staying at the pad of Kara and Daniel, friends of Quinn. Or to put it another way--my ex-girlfriend's boyfriend's ex-girfriend and boyfriend's crib. Fortunately we all get along great. The show at Rite Spot last night went well in spite of not having a p.a. system. A lot of people, whom I didn't know, were there specifically to see me. My excellent friends, Annessa and Jolene, brought their friends too. Jen and I debuted the song "Tsunami (My Soul)," and her cello sounds good and sinister on it.

We sold a couple of our brand new, collaborative cds: Love's Hangover Sale: part 2. Sadly, for a perfectionist like me, the lack of mastering on it means there are digital clicks between songs for this first batch of thirty. Before I move back to North Dakota I'll need to fix that. Below is the song order:

1. Nebraska
2. Storage Unit 209
3. I Still Miss Someone
4. Sarina
5. Johnson
6. Jack Potter's Courtin'
7. Sol que tu Eres
8. Friendster Testimonial
9. Take Me (Ridin' in my Car)
10. Ol' Highway 90
11. Jade's Song
12. Callin' You

Now I'm pointing my rampant slackaholism (I just invented that word, I think) towards a second sequel album, (return to) the blackhole... (of outerspace). The first one-- blackhole... (of outerspace), was recorded in 1997 by Giles O'Dell, and only had six songs. It was a rap, cassette-only release. Giles will also make the beats for this one, but hopefully we'll pack in twice as many songs. The rule to the "blackhole" series is that we can only spend one day crafting each tape (or in this case, cd). I mean I can prewrite lyrics, and Giles can prepare beats, but we can't start the recording process until whichever day we choose to begin.

Stephan Smith, whom I toured with in the Autumn, just called to announce the birth of his daughter, Noelwynn (sp?). She's beautiful, he reports. I hope to see her, and her dad, before the year's out.

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