Sunday, March 20, 2005

Thirty limited-edition Love's Hangover Sale part twos are ready for purchase. They're "limited" because the art work has the first and last song reversed. Future releases will have the order correct. Collector's items! That's all we have for the tour which means we'll likely sell out before it's over. This cd will be the shortest (12 song/30 minutes), rawest (produced on a budget of $70...and, as yet, unmastered), quickest (recorded within the span of three, 4-hour sessions during the last two weeks), and best (but only if you like your sonic landscapes rugged and ripe). The packaging, though, is the finest I've ever seen! No joke. Thanks again to Jen's stewardess mom, Lisa Guzman Steiger.

I've decided to move out of the ABC House tomorrow so as to save on rent for the last half of the month. I'll probably be up all night preparing for tour and also moving. It's 1 a.m.--I'd better start.

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