Thursday, March 31, 2005

I'm on vacation today. Hitch-hiking a little around the NW before I leave. There really is a lot of history here.

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Anonymous said...

g'morn sandy,
tis 4:50am after all.
i too just got back/or forward from a tiny hitch-trip from chicago to winona mn. it's so much better on the east side of the mississippi...i barely had any fun at all this run...but it was plenty. ah to be aimless on the onramps in the NW though...hope it was beautiful.
maybe you belong in olympia, maybe it's nodak for a while...but it's still, and always, inspiring to see/hear you live your life while creating your art (ie your gift to us). so i guess it doesn't matter wherever you go, all your music will be enhanced by it. if you wanna hop a train or hitch a ride...for recreation or for gigging, i'm only 2 rivers away.
as far as you finding a ride from WA to ND, check the seattle and portland listings on and see if there's any rideshares that work.
are you transporting much?
perhaps a truckstop might be in order.
or maybe the hotdeals on amtrak.

hope you get the job.
fall into the cowboy poetry.
ride horses with rodney nelson.
play for all us hicks in the MW.
get wealthy, put some meat on the bones, feel satisfied, hide $50bills in your seat cushions, pay everything off, become broke again, and hit the road digging under the emergency break for your cash reward.

then, my friend, you shall be rich beyond your mildest dreams.

donde esta 319JOE?

*the Wino-posse heads to Oly in June...we'll find you there, or on the way there, or on the way back.