Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Insane in the membrane. That's how I feel. Throat hurts, too. Today's gig in Mt. Vernon was a sweet ending to a month of fun shows with Jen Grady. I even sold a pillow case (the first in forever). I made 1000% more profit during this one afternoon than the last seven combined.

And that is why I must give up touring for a while. (Just until I get back on my feet--financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.) The unpredictable and meager earnings have driven me to the poorest state in the Union. I had my phone interview today for the curator position at the Dunn County Museum in Dunn Center, ND, and I have a hunch I'll get it. It starts in three weeks.

If anyone wants to drive me to North Dakota next week let me know ASAP--I'll pay your gas. The car I meant to buy has a faulty engine.

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Anonymous said...

I noticed you posted a message from Dominic in ND, I am also in the same class (poetry of rock) and group he mentioned (studding your music and lyrics). I see that you are hopping to get a job in ND, unfortunately I can't provide a ride for you, but I encourage you to play some shows in Fargo. I would love to see you live and feel you could establish a big fan base in this are (there are 3 universities in the Fargo-Morehead area)! I've just been introduced to your music and I like what I hear so far. Hope to be hearing you live soon.
Carmen Fargo, ND