Sunday, March 20, 2005

Quinn, Jen, and I rented a car and just now pulled into Ashland, OR. We're looking for a hotel, but we're in a hostel. A hotel will be cheaper. I'm taking advantage of the hostel's internet.


Anonymous said...

I used to know how to html words sliding across the screen. I'm working my way through a compleatly non-happening spring break 2005 day at the evergreen library, eating a lucious mango given to me by some nice bonny lad, and hoping this action will attack the cold virious that has inhabbited my body since that rouwdy saint patricks night at McCoys. Some one discribed that bar as a house on fire, with everyone happly breathing in the smoke. It'll keep me off the bar for a while at least. My C.D. had the digital blips too. Also I noticed their's a recording oddity in the middle of jack porter. Listening to J.E.Mainer's Mountaineers-damn fine country ballids. May the land of Gold be such for ya all, love-m.r.g.

Chris Sand said...

Hi Magdalena,

Thanks for the gold dust...and puttin' up flyers...and the tape.

Sand Man Cisco