Friday, March 18, 2005

This computer is effed. Or else Blogger is. Its been taking five times as long to enter blogs.

Just returned from my second, Thursday night, Portland show in a row. This one at Mississippi Pizza. It was the "false-start tour kick-off hootenanny." We're back in Oly for forty-eight hours and then head straight to San Francisco for three days of musical gaiety. Jen and I got chauffeured in my pal Samuel's rent-a-car. Before the show I had a meeting with a record executive in Vancouver, WA. She wants to help me out. I'll keep you abreast.

P.s. The show was not spectacular, but good enough for pizza eaters. The highlight was seeing old friends and relatives; Kirby and Megan Sand (my cousins) came up from Corvallis. Before the show I silk screened thirteen special-edition St. Patrick's Day pillow cases with green ink-- sold one.

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