Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What are you thinking about today?


Anonymous said...

i am wondering if you are composing an ode to rosa parks?
i heard that the mayor of montgomery, alabama was urged to issue her an offical pardon for her "act of disobedience" but instead he publicly asked her (posthumously, of course) to pardon him and the montgomery govt.

rhein said...


Anonymous said...

something new every couple of seconds. truthfully, right now, i'm thinking about a lesbian that i have a crush on...and how i could perhaps umm "broach" the subject.

Chris Sand said...

anon 1- i wouldn't know where to begin writing an ode to rosa parks. i'll roll the idea around, tho'.

rhein- haha (you're such a flirt)

anon 2- if you're a guy jus' respectfully and sweetly ask her if she ever dates or has thought of dating menfolk. this might make her laugh a lot to consider the strangeness of that question. or maybe she'll want to make out with you right then and there. or then again she might avoid you from then on. i guess it all depends on how close of friends you are to begin with.

if you're a woman, you might not have such a big hurdle. just make yourself irresistable in her presence for awhile. she'll sooner or later get the point.

Anonymous said...

i could use some advice on how to make myself irresistable. (btw-i am not anon #2)

Chris Sand said...

the two ingredients i've found in becoming irresistable are:

1. massive dose of self love, i.e. treat yourself well.

2. serene patience. time is on your side. easy come, easy go.

(i love to pretend i know what i'm talking about)

rhein said...
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rhein said...

i meant to say - she's probably not a lesbian:)!