Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The current tempurature is around 0 degrees F. I about got frost bite driving home from work this evening.

Tomorrow my good friend from Olympia, WA, Lenny Wolford, will arrive in Williston via Amtrak. After exploring western North Dakota for a day, he and I will drive across Montana, Idaho, and Washington looking for natural hot springs to soak in. If you see him, don't mention that the heater in my car just gave out. Misery loves company.


rhein said...


about the post below, i remember when the internet was mostly an internet cafe affair. it was better back then, i think.

Anonymous said...

hi to lenny...we probably crossed paths outside of spokane. one of the things i did on the train was compile some of my favorite overheard quotes. lenny had 2: "(bob) dylan is like gangalf and shit"
"i like any food wrapped in dough".
there ya go.
see you in the NW.

Anonymous said...

you aren't driving your car without a heater all the way....are you??? might need some girls to keep you warm!!!

Chris Sand said...

anon- I think you might have a point. Which town should we pick them up in?