Thursday, November 10, 2005

"Hi Chris,
I heard the Marezy Doats album while on a week-end trip to Breckenridge, Colorado. The cd was playing in a women's clothing/sports apparel boutique and I fell in love with it right away and asked the cashier (a young kid, probably around 18 yrs.) for the name of the cd that was playing. That was in August, and I have been looking for you ever since . . ."

I received this email today. It surprised me that anyone remembered that tape which was recorded in 1998 and had super low distribution. I think only 75 tapes were sold or given away in the Nashville area. Tonight, because of the above quoted email, I became inspired to dig it out of a box and listen again. Our band consisted of Camo Davi, Asher Dudley, and myself. Four of the songs on this tape are written and sung by Asher, and they're transcendent. Asher is still one of my all time favorite songwriters, even though he's never released a full-length album. Marezy Doats will one day be combined with the first Workhorses of Yesteryear tape from 1995 and be repackaged as a funky and beautiful CD.

Giles O'Dell recorded Marezy Doats on his four-track in our Nashville living room. Giles is also the producer of my brand new rap CD (return to) . . .the blackhole (of outerspace).


Anonymous said...

happy 11/11 chris

Chris Sand said...

gracias, amigo/a.