Monday, November 14, 2005

More thought-provoking correspondence between my friend, "Danielle," and her friend, "Azhar," who lives in Basra, Iraq:

hi dear

iam waiting you every day i comming to internet cafe to read your message. you have no idea what are you doing for me you gave me a new hope and this is a first time i don't feel tyird in my work
please don't forget me

your friend ...azhar

dearest Azhar,

This morning I went on a hike with a friend and watched the fish (salmon) swimming up the creek to spawn. Then after hiking I saw a different friend and we went out for dinner (sushi). And now I am back home in my bedroom. It is very cold and foggy tonight. My father is sleeping but I stay up late every night on the computer or playing my guitar. Tonite I think I am going to draw. I am glad that our new friendship is giving you hope and inspiration in your life. I am sure that life for you is very difficult right now with the war going on. I wish that I could stop all the violence and sadness in the world. Is it possible to send mail to Iraq? I am thinking that maybe because of the war it is very difficult or impossible to send you something in the mail. I hope you have a good day at work and tell your family hello. I will be working at the restaurant tomorrow night. sweet dreams... i will write you again tomorrow night.

xo danielle

hi danielle...

. . . theres much sharing betwen us maybe we have a sharing causes,iam sorry ,about the war ,the people here live a normal life nearly exept the explosions it not allway's we here shoping and go to working but we can't go out with the children because we expect an explosion in any moment in the markets or in the streets,but though many people chalenging the terror and go out with there children,you asked me one day about church is that nesesary you know that? . . . please don't think iam terrorest
i can't kill a cat ,someday in past a cat eat my food and i be angry then i thinking it may have a children and they hungry so i left it go,any way . . .
yes send maile is possible in iraq or to iraq,or send files or any thing in it.i'll watting your message ,and hear now (thousand miles)thers magic in this song,about bob dylan music acualy iam don't heard it yet but iam sure i'll like it .if you want to learn more arabic please tell me,thank you for any thing.

your friend azhar.....

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