Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Lenny and I finally got our hot springs fix--we drove to Goldmeyer Hot Springs last night. Due to the road being too rutty, we chose to walk the final four miles. And due to me forgetting the head lamp we had to hike in pitch blackness. Then we crossed a raging icy river and hiked another steep mile to the mountain cave with its hot liquid magic where we soaked for five hours. This morning we soaked again, recrossed the river (barefoot on sharp, yet slippery, rocks), and trudged back down the hill. My feet are blistered and cut, and my legs and back ache. I felt like 319 JOE might've during his final miles. In spite of the more torturous aspects, I'm glad we went.

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Anonymous said...

that sounds a lot like my first and only hot springs expirience. we hiked out at dusk and had to walk the couple miles back to the car in utter darkness and we also had to cross a raging creek with slippery rocks...it was scary but exhilerating.