Saturday, November 12, 2005

My friend Danielle from Tacoma has become email pals with an Iraqi fellow named Azhar. Azhar saw Danielle's pretty face on Friendster and invited her to be his friend. She sends me most of their correspondences; I find them fascinating and moving. Below is today's contribution. (Note: Danielle gives me permission to do this, but for privacy reasons she's asked me to use different names, i.e. "Azhar" and "Danielle" are not their actual names.)

i dearsst danielle

please reassure me about your aunts health and send to her some flowers for me and tell her i wish from my heart to her be in a good health ,i dont know what could say to the sick ,tell her that please.

about my religion ,iam not shamed from my religin but from what the muslims doing like the first terrorist in the world (usama bin ladin) and his friends ,i don't know why more the terrorists in the world are muslims,yes we have a beuatiful mosques inbasrah like the (big mosque).

you jewess right?i don't have any problim with that i know that when you wrot "shalom" really i wish the human lives as brothers ,jewesh and muslims and christians .......

you asked me before if i travel out of iraq ,no iam do'nt ,can you discript to me the place where you live thats can make me imagine i there .i be happy wen i find a long leter from you iam enjoy with each word ,please don't forget tell me about your aunt .....


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