Monday, October 31, 2005

Horse slobber jelly! Yummm.

Grandpa went bullberry picking on the mountain yesterday. This involves putting a tarp on the ground and whacking the prickly bush with a stick, so the ripe berries will drop. He had a gallon bucket nearly full and was working on one last bush, when he heard a familiar sound behind him. It was his little dun horse, Peanut, slurpin' up the precious berries from the bucket like they were oats. (Peanut's the a-hole that threw me twice last winter.) Enough were left for Grandma to make two pint jars of jelly today. She sent me home with one.

I spent 13 hours scrubbing things down at my shack yesterday. Inch by inch it's gettin' livable.

I'm planning my southern & east coast tour for January. If you want to host a show, let me know ASAP. So far I've got gigs in Columbia, MO and Shreveport, LA. I'm working on Nashville, New York, Boston, and a few points in between.

(Happy Halloween!)

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