Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I'm contemplating touring
Florida in mid-January. Does
anyone live there or know of
any places I should play at?
I've never been south of


Susan said...

Orlando has lots of cool places that would appreciate you although I don't personally have connections. Maybe Gainsville since it's a college town. I have just sold my home here but if I'm still in the Orlando area in January you'd be welcome to stay with me. Maybe even go to Disney World! Just let me know or contact Teresa.

Anonymous said...

yah there
so i have lots of contacts for you, let me know and i will have people contact you or you can contact them.... i have friends in gainesville, clearwater, west palm ect....
let me know...
maybe i will see you soon, since you will be here in oly

Chris Sand said...

thanks susan and emily. will write.