Sunday, November 20, 2005

Many miles. Many miles between yesterday and today. Lenny and I buried JOE (my '84 Subaru station wagon) in the heart of Idaho. Li'l JOE gallantly drove us, on three cylinders, across the lengthy barren stretches of Montana and its many mile-high passes. He puttered and sputtered, in first gear, up snowy mountains and never once forced us to hitch hike or get towed. He drove us 1,000 miles, to Salmon, Idaho, where I located Fritz's Salvage Yard and stoicly turned him out to greener pastures. No car has been as trustworthy or dignified as 319 JOE--the little beast that could. Thanks for the memories ol' man. I'll never forget your silver spirit and crafty willpower.

I now own a new steed--a 1988 Buick Century sedan. I bought him this morning for $460 (actually Lenny paid as I am without) at the same place I sold JOE. He is indeed a young blue stallion on a mission to spread seeds of poetry and music across the nation. 700 miles later we've arrived in Olympia where I now sit and type.

Our first show is tomorrow night in Anacortes. Jen Grady will join me with cello and harmonies.


Anonymous said...

please sir- if you could post a picture of your new wheels so that we can recognize you all when you drive thru our parts.
and my sincerest condolences about the loss of your joe. i hope you can find solace in the many miles of memories the two of you shared together.

Anonymous said...

Rock on Cowboy Soulja