Thursday, November 17, 2005

$500 ticket for no insurance on the way back from Amtrak. I had it comin', but it takes my whole paycheck which doesn't seem quite fair.

Lenny and I will head west at the break of dawn tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

driving with no insurance is a really evil thing to do. i'm sorry you got a ticket, but hopefully the lesson will be learned and you won't endanger other drivers.

Chris Sand said...


Anonymous said...

i dont understand how driving without insurance is endangering other drivers. i think it's a better use of the $500 to be insured (and i wonder about you heading out on a roadtrip without insurance) but i don't think you are evil. poor, yes. evil, no. i think drunk drivers are endangering other people's lives and are stupid and immoral. but not even evil. i take evil seriously.

Anonymous said...

I consider most of the insurance industry to be a scam, and it's kept afloat by legal arm-twisting. In the rare event that you need to file a claim, the insurance company subsequently raises your premiums. It's like throwing money away, only it's required by law. BTW, I was able to pay off a driving-without-insurance ticket by doing community service. It's worth looking into.

Anonymous said...

why is it evil? because if you injure someone based upon your cheapness, and they need to get paid - who will pay? it's simply not responsible.

also it is asinine to assume drunk drivers are not evil. tell that to someone who lost a loved one because some idiot decide to drive when drunk.

as soon as your children get killed by a drunk driver you'll think they're evil.

get your head out of your hippie ass.

Anonymous said...

thank you for telling me what to do with my ass. that was really nice.

by the way-- i have lost loved ones to drunk drivers. i still don't think the drunkards were evil. like i said before-- i do think they are stupid and immoral and selfish, without a doubt. but to me evil implies doing something with the intent to harm. drunk drivers or uninsured motorists aren't, for the most part, doing what they are doing with the intent to harm. i'm not at all saying that just because someone does harm unintentionally that it is okay. i don't mean that if a drunk driver kills someone or causes my brother to have brain damage that it's okay because-- oops, it was an accident. they need to be responsible for their actions.

but for plenty of people not paying for car insurance isn't a matter of cheapness. its a matter of prioritizing the little bit of money they have. and if you are gonna tell me that then they shouldn't be driving at all, i say sure that's great in your utopia. but the fact is the United States don't put a lot of value on their public transportation systems. and there are a lot of poor people that live in rural areas not served by transit.

anyways, i don't have a hippie ass. and i don't think the name calling is in the spirit of this blog.

Chris Sand said...

first i want to say that i have been paying car insurance this whole time. i still have to pay the $500 fine, tho', because i didn't realize that my washington insurance company doesn't cover north dakota. when i said "i had it coming" i was referring to the fact that i had a broken tail-light i knew about but hadn't put the red plastic tape over it to cover up the bare bulb, and thus i was just waiting to get pulled over (i didn't explain myself that well in my rush to get packed).

secondly, sorry mother teresa for getting talked to rudely. you're right, the spirit of this blog is s'posed to be not reactionary and disrespectful. i, in fact, do have a hippie ass and i know that your ass is not hippie at all. you have an all-american disney world ass, and i appreciate the diversity you bring to my blog commentary.

anon. 1- i appreciate you have a strong sense of right and wrong--but no more "hippie ass" comments please.

Susan said...

just a clarification, please. I am teresa's mom, but I am NOT "mother teresa", although I wish I had thought of that name! but thanks for the compliment re the all-american disneyworld ass...i think.

Chris Sand said...

hi susan, my logic jumped a step. lol.