Saturday, April 04, 2009

Sandman's Best Winter Tour Ever Tour: Left 12/23/08. Returned 4/4/09.


Took me an extra day to get here, 'cause I stopped in Bismarck to visit friends.

Thirty miles west of Mandan, West Dakota's arms embraced me and put me at ease.

Fifteen miles north of Dickinson, the flapping wings of Dunn County fanned me with her peaceful breeze.

When I arrived in Killdeer, Mom and Dad greeted me with a venison supper, plus apple crisp made by Farmor and Farfar from last summer's Killdeer Mountain apples.


Anonymous said...

P.O. box seven!

Chris Sand said...

I'll check it today!

Anonymous said...

Home SWEET home! Thanks for the MUSIC & friendship!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Mahatma Spud"

Chris Sand said...

Got some good stuff in P.O. Box 7 (but not the two big checks I was promised to have waiting for me). I got a few sweet letters that made my day and a couple sweet packages, too.