Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Farewell, me hearties.

By the great, grand powers of seven sick swine, 'tis time to apply me sweet swashbucklin' trade once again.

I go thar wi' a wild and wick'd wannion to pillage pig villages and eat their scurvy brains like cancer'd bacon.

('Tis the nature of a buccanneer.)

If squiffy or sprog should ask who keelhaul'd the privateers, tell them 'tis I, the vicious Cap'n Red Eye!

Me furner's furnace be burnin'. Aye, until the black spot withers . . . to the New World we go!


Charlene said...

Most excellent Pirat-eez, ye matey!

Pillage on! And, may the grand powers of the seven sick swine be with you!

Sarah Jane said...

I like the facial hair! It's a good look for you.

Skilly said...

Looks like I'm finally wearing off on ya, ye scurvy con of a scabberous dog! ARRRRR!