Tuesday, April 14, 2009

News from Sand Land:

1. One of Pearl Drop's balding tires blew out.
2. Herniated disc slow to recover. Need morphine.
3. While I was in bed, wanting to die, Dad planted grass.
4. Taxes.
5. Blood.
6. Pirates.
7. Kidneys.
8. Bo..............
9. Love and Happiness.
10. Spirit and recovery.
11. Thunder on the prairie.
12. Rain.


Flying Mermaid said...

If you're really wanting morphine, I've got drawers full of the stuff, though I don't know about its shelf life -- it's 3 years old so you may need to double dose.

I hold no accountability, though.

Regardless, feel better!

Anonymous said...

The mystery picture of the Obama puppy (#8) is a fun surprise.

Charlene said...

Always a good sign when there's new grass after pain.

Sarah said...


and now Kittens inspired by Kittens. When you are feeling better I will send you the French kid. But when you're laid up you could do with a laugh at our future generation, right?