Friday, April 10, 2009

It's hard to believe that less than a month ago I was drinking avocado soup in Marfa, TX. It's a rare, beautiful thing to fall in love with a whole village.

I crushed out on Bisbee, Truth or Consequences, Terlingua, Dallas, and New Orleans, too. But Marfa was alchemy. She sparkled like gold braces.

I liked her size, her shape, her shadow, her light, her permanence.

She welcomed me home like King Tumbleweed. If I'm lucky, she might welcome me home again.


Sarah Jane said...

I look forward to taking you out to the ranch someday.
- Sarah Jane

Chris Sand said...

I'd love that, Sarah Jane.

avs said...

Don't forget about Dallas She misses you too! avs

Flying Mermaid said...

And I look forward to bringing you to the castle.

What size IS Marfa?

josephrockwell said...

Sandman you are always welcome in Marfa!