Friday, April 24, 2009

Question of the day:
A dilemma: Do I play a music festival in the middle of British Columbia this summer and earn $1000, or attend my 20th high school reunion in Montana and hang out with old friends, most of whom I haven't seen since '89?
The two events are at the same time.

This decision is tearing me up. I really need the money, and I sincerely miss my old classmates.


Anonymous said...

Memories are more important & last longer then $$! Have a good time at the reunion (I'm going to my 40th this Aug, Go Broncos). Are you coming to Or-E-Gon for "The Pickathon (

LoVe & PeaCe,

"Mahatma Spud"

Anonymous said...

Allie missed most of her 20th reunion for a job and really felt bad about it. I would suggest the reunion too and I hope you get lots of big checks in the mail. No matter what your decision is I am sure it is the right thing. Love,

Anonymous said...

the reunion....


Chris Sand said...

Thanks for the prodding y'all. You're right--old friends are better than money.