Sunday, April 05, 2009

After a grueling winter, Dunn Center still has a spring in its step.

Grandma and I played cards at City Hall today, and about everyone was there. Martha, Helen, Alice, Adeline, Melody, Anne, Ione, Alan, Rodney, Willard, and 25 more friends showed up for pinochle and then stayed for dinner. Dinner consisted of roast beef sandwiches, pickles, coffee, homemade pie (rhubarb, apple, and pumpkin), and ice cream.

My body's hurting this week. I hope my herniated spinal cartilage repairs itself before long, 'cause I can barely do any kind of physical work.

Speaking of work, I won't have any trucking runs until June, so I'll mostly be working for Dad for now. I'm also setting up a couple small spring and summer music tours.


Charlene said...

That sure sounds like a great down-home welcome! What a varied life you lead.

I'm glad to know you won't be driving the big rigs til June - long drives are not helpful for trying to heal your back.

Wishing you all the best and more, my friend. Sure was great to meet you here in Bisbee.

See you on the Blogs!

Anonymous said...

Spring & Summer tours! Cool, let me know what I can do to help here in Or-E-Gon!!

"Mahatma Spud"

Flying Mermaid said...

Sweet reunion! Take it easy on yourself, love -- happy healing.

cro magnon said...

YO, give aholler if you're headin to Montan. Fergie's again? Barn? Zoo town?
Lotsa love form the J2slash gang.